The ‘regular’ negotiation differs from the collaborative negotiation in the sense that the process is less strict and the rules of the procedure are less defined. The aim remains, however, to reach an amicable solution for a conflict, through respectful dialogue and compromise.

In every negotiation - whether to close a contract or to resolve a conflict - our firm can intervene as your personal legal advisor or as an impartial third party between different parties.

In all negotiations, we will use the principled negotiation method in order to increase the chances of successful negotiation through mutual respect, confidence, cooperation, trustful information exchange and willingness to look for a win-win solution.

The parties will together define the rules, principles and the framework of the negotiation. This can include confidentiality, commitment to refrain from legal proceedings as long as the negotiation is ongoing, agreement on information exchange, etc.

The added value of amicable negotiations :

→ This method of dispute resolution is quicker, less stressful and cheaper than a legal court procedure.

→ Solutions are “tailor-made”.

→ The process can help to preserve or restore (family, professional or commercial) relationships and keep parties “on speaking terms”.

→ A ‘regular’ negotiation can be organized with a more flexible framework than a mediation or collaborative negotiation.

→ If no negotiated agreement can be reached, parties still have the right to start or re-open a court proceeding.