Legal Advice

Legal advice aiming to prevent or manage conflicts

We help you to prevent potential conflicts through careful contract drafting and negotiation.

In case of  a conflict, our legal background and knowledge about alternative means of dispute resolution will help us to identify and choose the most adequate means of conflict resolution.


Legal advice in a mediation process

It can always be helpful to gather additional legal advice in a mediation process.
The mediator has indead to refrain from giving individual legal advice to the parties.
We can help you to better understand the legal aspects of the conflict and help you to better prepare your upcoming mediation meeting.

Together with you, we will carefully prepare the mediation meeting.
This will range from identifying your interests and goals, to informing you about your legal position and finally generating potentially adequate solutions for the conflict.

Towards the end of the mediation process, together, we will analyse the legal, financial and personal implications of the generated solutions and we will assist you in choosing a balanced and long-term solution for the conflict.