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Beyond Conflicts is a boutique law firm assisting you in the prevention and settlement of conflicts using alternative means of dispute resolution,
i.e. principled negotiation, mediation, collaborative practice and legal advice


Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and effective way of resolving conflicts without the need to go to court. It involves an independent and impartial third party, the mediator, who has undergone a specific training.

Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a voluntary and confidential negotiation process during which parties and their respective legal advisors negotiate in good faith, with a spirit of cooperation and aim to reach balanced and long-term solutions.


In 'regular' negotiation - like in collaborative negotiation - the aim consists in reaching an amicable solution for a conflict, through respectful dialogue and compromise.

Legal advice

We help you to prevent potential conflicts through careful contract drafting and negotiation. We also assist you - as your lawyer - before and during a mediation process.

about us

Beyond Conflicts is a boutique law firm that assists private persons, entrepreneurs and corporations in amicable conflict resolution and contracts negotiation.

Our services include mediation, collaborative or ‘regular’ negotiation and legal advice. As from the introduction meeting we will help you to identify the most adequate service to fit your needs.

The advantages of alternative means of dispute resolution (i.e. conflict resolution outside of traditional court procedures) are multiple :

→ you gain precious time, it is less stressful,

→ you will feel more involved in the process, you remain master of the outcome of the process, the proposed solution will be tailor-made to fit the respective needs,

→ you will – if possible- stay ‘on speaking terms’ with your counterparts, the entire process is strictly confidential,

→ you control the costs of the process, it can avoid you to take provisions in your annual accounts, etc.

Given the acute nature of conflicts, our firm will try to swiftly respond to your demand. We can come visit you or we welcome you in our office in Brussels or Overijse.

Beyond Conflicts aims to create a trustful environment and to approach every case with respect, care and diligence.


Anne-Sofie D’Herde

anne sofie

00 32 (2) 309 02 01

Anne-Sofie successively completed her legal studies at the University of Namur (FUNDP) and the University of Leuven (KUL). She joined the Brussels Bar in 2005.

Soon after joining the Brussels Bar, she followed mediation training courses. She is a certified mediator in civil and commercial affairs since 2009 and since 2011 in family matters.

In 2015, Anne-Sofie completed a certified training course in Collaborative Practice.

She is member of the ADR- (Alternative Dispute Resolution) commission of the Flemish Bar Association and she co-presides a workgroup for the promotion of collaborative practice at the Brussels Bar.

Anne-Sofie is Fellow and Scientific-researcher at the Leuven Center for Collaborative Management (LCM).

She has written several publications concerning mediation and collaborative practice.

Anne-Sofie fluently speaks Flemish and French and has a good knowledge of English.

Expertise: Construction and real estate law, Contract law, Civil liability law, Family law, Marital property law, Inheritance law.


"It takes courage to sit down and negotiate with the person you are in conflict with"

External Collaborators in mediation

anne sofie

Anne-Claire Dombret

Attorney specialized in family law.
Certified mediator in civil and commercial affairs and in family matters.


Alexandra (Framboise) Boël

Attorney specialized in civile and commercial law.
Certified mediator in civil and commercial affairs.


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